Custom Home Planning Tips: Five Ways to Ease Your Build

Deciding to build your own home can be one of the most rewarding experiences if you are equipped with all the right tools. Future Perfect Construction Inc is here to guide you through the process and make you comfortable with your custom home planning.

You probably have a pretty good idea of what you want when when you think of the finishes, number of bedrooms, kitchen styles, etc. Most builders can provide an initial estimate based on square footage, but that is just for the building itself. Before you commit to an architect or builder, consider these factors. A well planned build from the preliminary stages saves thousands and helps you sleep at night!

Custom Home Planning Tips

Location Location Location

We have heard this expression over and over again in the real estate industry. Now let’s talk about your empty lot. The first place to start is with your local planning department. Are you zoned correctly? You should get all the details on the municipal requirements from the building department. Each municipality can have different steps you need to take in order to acquire your permit. Don’t forget to check with your local conservation authority as well. They have a map that they can refer to and give you the information you need. Keep in mind, there may be limitations to the size of house you can build depending on the neighbourhood.

Now that we have jumped through all those hoops, let’s look at the ground itself. How is the elevation and grade? Are there adjacent properties that grade toward you? One of the most important parts of the house is it’s foundation. Water is the most powerful force on earth. A good plan will have at least one course of action to mitigate this factor. Of course, there are many other items to add to this list. It is much better to have help with these questions before you start to commit significant amounts of money. Future Perfect Construction Inc will help guide you through this process before you even have a contract. We can also just make things easy and take care of these things for you. Let’s get together for a free consult to see which approach is best for you!

The Boring Design

So you have done your research and have decided to hire your architect before tendering your project to a builder. Or perhaps you have decided you want to hire someone for design/build. Let’s get the footprint right the first time so you don’t have to waste time on multiple revisions because things were overlooked. The architect or designer will provide drawings for your house. After that, you will need structural, HVAC and roof truss engineering. In order to get the most out of every dollar, you should have a vision with as much foresight as possible before you commit to the design. Let us help you avoid spending money on unnecessary revisions by providing guidance throughout the design process.

The Fun Design

Most of your ideas could be brought to life quite easily if everyone was an artist with a photographic memory. Your dream home ideas probably include a range of influences from things you have seen on TV or a friend’s house, to things you just don’t like about your current home. You don’t need to have your hardwood or light fixtures chosen yet, but room designs play an integral role in the initial design. Tile, for example, is much heavier than other flooring. For a custom finish, you may want to beef up the floor a little so the house doesn’t vibrate when you walk. Are you considering fireplaces or accent beams? Maybe you really like large floor to ceiling windows and no bulkheads. These items are simple and affordable when accompanied by a good plan. Why not come by our custom home planning room and have a coffee? Bring some pictures and your ideas. We would be happy to get you pointed in the right direction!

Prioritize Energy Efficiency

Did you know that Future Perfect Construction Inc was one of the leading micro-fit solar panel installers in Durham Region? The government incentives may have been reduced, but the concept still exists. Did you also know that most new buildings require the ability to connect a charging station for an electric vehicle in the garage or driveway? Have you heard of geothermal energy? These are all exciting subjects to talk about when we are considering the efficiency of your new home. They are probably some of the first thing that comes to your mind!

Let’s bring it down a notch and make sure we look after the passive efficiency details first. One of the largest differences between custom and builder homes is performance. Homes are designed to breathe from footing to roof. This needs to be meticulously crafted in order to maximize the performance of your temperature control systems. Imagine going downstairs into the basement on Christmas Day in your socks, and it’s the same temperature as the rest of the house! We could go on about preventing thermal bridging, sound resilience, Structural Insulated Panels, ICF, and more. Why not just let us prove it? Give us a call and we can get into the specifics of your custom home planning.

The Hard Part

Let’s face it. The most difficult part of the conversation is finances. The truth is, not everyone has a big ol’ bank account full of money and looking to build a house. Most of us use existing equity, financing, family business money, etc, or a combination of everything. Take a little time to research the Construction Act and the Ministry of the Attorney General guidelines. We are all vulnerable when we are spending our hard earned money. There is nothing wrong with making sure everyone is on the up and up! We do know that builders will require some form of deposit to float project costs but project draws should be set up in order to support the relationship, not add stress. Consider making payments based on progress instead of milestones. If a bank is involved, do they require site inspections to release funds? No matter how well your build goes, there will be some stressful parts. At Future Perfect, many of our clients are investing their life savings into our partnership. Custom home planning can be intimidating. Let’s meet in person and we guarantee you will feel more at ease.

Easier Than it Seems

Let’s take a moment to absorb everything. Maybe it seems daunting or even a little intimidating. Lucky for you, Future Perfect Construction Inc has a solution that will lift some weight off your shoulders. We would be happy to meet and address every question you may have about custom home planning… free of charge. Don’t worry, it’s not a special offer. This is just how we do business. Unfortunately, we don’t have your phone number yet, so you will have to contact us! We are looking forward to meeting you.

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